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Friends in the music business, whether full-time or part-time will really be feeling the pinch in the next few months. Gigs and festivals have and will be cancelled, some labels will delay releases until bands can tour, shops have to manage cash flow without the RSD bump etc etc.

Please support the bands you love by bringing forward that Xmas wants list, ordering a tshirt direct from the band that you might have bought at the next show, preordering on bandcamp, buying that back catalogue thing that you’ve meant to for years, make recommendarions and share etc.

My Bus – Our Life In The Desert

My Bus – Our Life In The Desert  – on vinyl LP (HUM30), CD (HUM31) and streaming/download (but we all know that’s not the best way for various reasons, right?)

my bus_life in the desert album_front cover

Onomatopoeia Records was named partly in homage to the first album by Butterfly Child. It’s important you understand this from the outset. It will help you understand how deeply important Our Life In The Desert is to us. We could not be prouder. In many ways our involvement with this album completes a circle. More information is below but if you want to get straight to ordering then you need to know this:

You can order direct from us send a PayPal payment to using the pricing below. You can also buy from the finest and most discerning record shops, iTunes, and all the other places. It’s always best to buy direct from record labels and bands when you are able to. 

  • LP £19.00 including. postage & packaging in the UK. £23.00 inc. p & p in Europe, £28.00 in US and everywhere else around the world.
  • CD £12.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £16.00 inc. p & p in Europe, £19.00 in US and everywhere else around the world.
  • Both LP and CD £30:00 including postage & packaging in the UK. £37.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £38.00 in rest of the world.

For requests for signed copies, specialist international shipping prices, and bulk orders etc please email and we will get back with a quote. Wholesale distribution to shops is, as always, by our chums at Cargo Records.

You can be beguiled, mystified, elevated and discombobulated in advance here:


Track listing:

01 Esperanto
02 Weekend Hearts
03 Ballerina
04 Elvis And Me
05 Moon Tempo
06 Tomorrow Will Be Ours
07 She Was Never There
08 Angeles
09 Breakfast In Bed
10 The Sun Will Come
11 Goose Pimples Forever
12 And Time

My Bus is Joe Cassidy and Gary McKendry. As Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain respectively they were restless parallel adventurers in the early days of UK dream-pop. They released EPs for AR Kane’s label H.ark! and then for Rough Trade. Butterfly Child blossomed, astounded and ripped your heart out over 3 albums (Onomatopoeia, The Honeymoon Suite, Soft Explosives) before going on hiatus until Futures in 2015. Papa Sprain imploded after two EPs (Flying To Vegas and May) and the Tech Yes 7″. Gary suffered a mental breakdown. Their first album remains a legendary lost album.

They blazed radical trails for music, burned bright and then faded away. Now they have combined to form My Bus.


Our Life In The Desert is of the richest and most emotional dream-pop entities of any era. It combines Gary’s love of dissonance and Joe’s love of melody and composition. It is a deeply nostalgic record born out of a love and a friendship that have survived thousands of miles and many decades.

While there is yet a longer, more intricate story yet to be told about My Bus, and the truth is drifting and ever-changing, if it exists at all, there are some things that we think we know today:

“Joe Cassidy’s first album in 18 years under the name of Butterfly Child, released in 2015, was named Futures. “A lot of songs are about past relationships,” he said at the time. “You rebuild and move forward, toward the future.”

Little did Joe know that, one year later, he would re-establish a crucial past relationship after more than 20 years, namely his former musical partner Gary McKendry, which would flower into their first official collaboration, Our Life In The Desert, over 30 years since the duo – calling themselves My Bus – made bedroom cassettes in their home city of Belfast.

The album also heralds McKendry’s return from a self-imposed wilderness that began in 1993, in the days when he called himself Papa Sprain. Anyone who knows Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain, restless parallel adventurers in the early days of UK dream-pop, will also know what a big deal this all is, especially as Our Life In The Desert is of the richest and most emotional dream-pop entities of any era.

The emotion comes from a friendship lost, renewed and remembered, or as Joe puts it, “a love story. One between two friends, the music they share, ex-girlfriends, pals who are no longer with us and the ghosts of old haunts long gone. It is a longing for a Belfast and a time that never really existed.”

The album’s backdrop is grammar school in 1980s Belfast, through to shared experiences in London when Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain were both signed to fledgling indie H.ark! and then the venerated Rough Trade.  When the latter collapsed, Cassidy moved to America and made numerous albums but McKendry returned to Belfast and went to ground. Not that Joe’s life has always been on the up, as the title Our Life In The Desert testifies.


Joe: “When we started the album, Gary sent me pieces of music, including a piece called ‘Our Life In The Desert’, which struck me immediately as the album title. The first Papa Sprain record was the Flying To Vegas EP, with a desert landscape for the artwork. In the early nineties, Gary moved into the desert, mentally. And when I moved from Chicago to LA, I just got lost there, it’s one of the most vacuous cities in the world. Our Life In The Desert seemed so appropriate as the album title.”

As Gary recalls, he and Joe became firm friends at 15, bonding over The Velvet Underground and Bowie. They initially made music separately, but eventually started making four-track demos in 1986 fuelled by endless cups of tea and cigarettes, “a splendid way to block out the Troubles that were raging all around us,” says Joe.


The tapes gathered dust when Gary moved to London in 1989, to study English and History – a pursuit set aside after Joe saw an ad in Melody Maker – “looking for bands to produce” – placed by H.ark!, the label run by Alex Ayuli and Rudy Tambala, AKA dream-pop experimentalists A.R. Kane. By 1992, Papa Sprain and Butterfly Child had released two EPs apiece on H.ark! before Rough Trade stepped in. The label released Butterfly Child’s debut album Onomatopoeia in early 1993, but the money had run out by the time Papa Sprain was ready to record an album (there was just one single, ‘Tech Yes’, for the Rough Trade Singles Club). In any case, “I just lost it,” says Gary. “I had a breakdown and I couldn’t function anymore.”

It was only in the mid-noughties, when blogs eulogised the brilliance – and lamented the absence – of Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain, that Gary and Joe reconnected. And when Joe flew to Belfast to visit family in 2016, Gary suggested they meet. “We talked for two hours,” says Joe. “And then Gary said, let’s make some music like we used to. I said, sure…”

The initial result was a collection of improvised sketches, “messy and silly, over crazy little beats, sound design stuff,” Joe recalls. “But each day I was in Belfast, I would be inspired by the textures and would write and record songs around them. And when I returned to America, I thought, I can do something with this mixing wise. Gary and I used to make up songs on the spot, so if we kept the same schedule, writing and recording tracks in 24 hours, it would be a lovely way to close a chapter.”

As it turns out, Gary had started recording again in 1997: “white noise,” he calls it, “my way to get through a creative block.” Going by his YouTube posts since the mid-noughties (search Gary Martin McKendry: there are hundreds to choose from), he progressed to a form of digitised ambient/post-rock impressionism (with matching graphics). “For Gary, songwriting, form and melody are passé!” says Joe. Gary’s response: “I don’t like things staying in time. I’d rather sounds play off each other.”

Combining Gary’s love of dissonance and Joe’s love of melody/composition, Our Life In The Desert became, “the perfect example of an exquisite corpse of two clashing worlds. A lot like Ireland in the bad days,” says Joe. The lyrics range from direct to oblique (We’re both huge James Joyce fans,” says Joe), as the music spans oceanic drift (‘Moon Tempo’), full-on drama (Elvis & Me’), simmering pop tones (‘Tomorrow Will Be Ours’) and the stirring, multi-faceted ‘Goose Pimples Forever’, rescued by the wonders of technology from an ancient disintegrating My Bus cassette, with Joe adding a new vocal to Gary’s original. ‘Breakfast in Bed’ is also an old My Bus track, but newly recorded as the original was, “too horribly hissy”.

There is one new Gary vocal, on the exquisite, haunting “Angeles”, his spoken word matched to one of his more restful ambient pieces. “It’s an idea of confusion and uncertainty,” says Gary (“Our minds contemplating the paltry limits of the conditional to my mind thoughts are only for preparing an entrance and an exit”). “It’s where I still am.”

If the album’s predominant voice and lyricist is Joe, Gary is woven into every fabric, such as the Belfast landmarks in ‘She Was Never There’: “This ship has sailed from the Holy Lands to the Antrim Road and up Cavehill”: “we’d walk along and talk about music and how we’d make better records,” says Joe. Note that Our Life In The Desert and Belfast boy Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks share a track title in ‘Ballerina’. “Lyrically it just came out when I started singing to the music,” says Joe. “About the euphoria of a first kiss or hearing an amazing song for the first time.”

Our Life In The Desert is released on Onomatopoeia Records, run by Nick Bourne, a huge Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain fan who had previously connected with Joe on Facebook, which “completes another circle,” says Joe. Likewise, Gary and Joe’s decision to donate proceeds from the album to a mental health charity. Proof, then, that even in a desert, life can flourish.”


Hurtling – Future From Here – order now

Hurtling – Future From Here – on vinyl LP with download code (HUM28), CD (HUM29) and streaming/download.

Future From Here cover (cropped)

Onomatopoeia Records is thrilled, delighted and privileged to announce the release of Future From Here, the debut album by Hurtling.

To order direct from us send a PayPal payment to using the pricing below. You can also buy from iTunes, Juno, Norman Records, and the usual discerning physical outlets.

  • LP £20.00 inc. postage & packaging in the UK. £25.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £28.00 in rest of the world.
  • CD £12.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £15.00 inc. p & p in Europe, £17.00 in rest of the world.
  • Both LP and CD £32.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £35.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £38.00 in rest of the world.

For requests for signed copies, other international shipping prices, and multiple orders etc please email and we will get back with a quote. Wholesale distribution to shops is by Cargo Records.

Track listing:

01 Start
02 Memory Cassette
03 Feel It
04 Summer
05 E Flat One
06 Let Go
07 Alone
08 Don’t Know Us
09 Blank It Out
10 Call To Arms (E Flat Two)

Jen Macro, Jon Clayton and Simon Kobayashi are Hurtling. They navigate soundscapes from the atmospheric to the psychedelic in this skilfully crafted noise pop album of dream-gaze and blazing textures. Future From Here was recorded, mixed and self-produced album at One Cat Studios, Brixton and mastered at Abbey Road Studios.


Future From Here was written by Jen Macro as an ‘exploration of loss and hope’ while in downtime on tour with My Bloody Valentine. The concept started sonically and grew from there, adding song structures and lyrics that fitted phonetically, creating a soundtrack to music she wanted to hear and the things she needs to say.

The album kicks-off at the ‘Start’, a beginning of sweet melodies and a love song from ‘me to you’, crunching straight into ‘Memory Cassette’, a sun-drenched medicine for melancholy. ‘Feel It’, bold and courageous dives deeper into darker spheres.

Summer’ paints beautiful melodious colours over the top of your sunscreen, lifting you out of your melancholy gently and purposefully.

The more luscious pop tones of ‘E Flat One’, or ‘Alone’, are tales of love and loss, contrasting with the heavy, crunching agitation of ‘Please Don’t Know Us’. The journey is characterised in ‘Call To Arms,’ Jen’s voice drops to a whisper, in a courageous desire to move stridently into the future.

Influences include The Breeders, Elliott Smith, and Sonic Youth to name a few, as well as reflecting the dreamy, hazy atmospheres of My Bloody Valentine, whose live band Macro has been a member for a number of years. Between them, Jen, Jon and Simon have also worked with the likes of Graham Coxon, Shonen Knife, Jim Bob (Carter USM), The Monochrome Set, Chris T-T, Kath Bloom and Jon Fine (Bitch Magnet). The band are already a formidable live prospect, performing alongside Hull legends Fonda 500, Damnably Record’s Wussy (USA) and Say Sue Me (S Korea) and Brixton scene stalwarts Bad Parents, Gaygirl and more.

Future From Here has already received what we can only deem to be superlative, and very much deserved, critical acclaim. While the album was being composed Jen Macro told us that the song structures had to be right and she, Simon and Jon spent weeks jamming and honing to get the right amount of space and breathe. The early reviews rightly highlight both the song writing and the guitar tone and SOUND:

The Quietus
Future From Here is an album that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time. As you’d expect from Macro’s time in MBV the songs have a woozy swoony vibe to them, but the real enjoyment of Future From Here is when the band get locked in the groove and the crushing, crunching guitars take over – ‘Summer’ being a prime example of this. There is something wonderfully destructive about them. It’s the same as the pleasure you get from watching videos of buildings being demolished on YouTube. It’s all over in a few seconds, but there is something graceful about the way they fall down”.

Louder Than War
Future From Here is sonically perfect. Technically faultless. The guitar sound(s) and playing are things of sheer beauty.

Simply, a great album. A stunning debut and a future classic”.

1883 Magazine
“Future from Here hits the right notes and asks the right questions. You’ll find Intelligence, power and beauty. Already making a name for themselves as a live act Hurtling has a bright future and are cocked and loaded to be one the UK’s hottest new bands”.

“The sounds across the whole album are gorgeous – rich, fuzzy guitar and bass, sometimes drenched in reverb, always warm, riffs and beats and vocals always landing just right with just the right amount of space between. And everything flows, like water through channels full of interesting edges and varied depths, burbling playfully, sometimes smooth and fast sometimes gurgling around a stone or a tree”.

“If you’ve been looking for riffs galore, atmospheric vocals and noisy, big and confident sounds, then I tell you to look no further than Future From Here. The band have worked with some big names in the alternative rock business prior to this album and they have moulded all the right sounds and vibes to introduce themselves to the world with a bang”.

Harmonic Distortion
“They make alt-rock music that draws from grunge, shoegaze and the deep wells of their own emotions. Like all great guitar bands they’re not afraid of cranking up the volume, shifting some air and letting guitars do what they do best – filling the room with attitude and spirit, and being a means of expressing sentiments and rage in a manner that the human voice often can’t”.

Hurtling – Summer out today

Another Onomatopoiea release day. I love these days. Hurtling – Summer is out in download and streaming for in all the usual places.
summer-front cover
Here is a little interview with Loud Women which has a link to the video too.
I’m very proud to be working with Jen Macro, Simon Kobayashi and Jon Jonathan Clayton on this release and their album Future From Here.
They are great people and make great pop-noise.
5d2c92715b16d57e8e278884_Hurtling photo03 Ashley Jones
Here is what some other people think:
“Great song (and voice!),” Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses)
‘led by the goddess-like genius that is Jen Macro, an absolutely stunning guitarist, songwriter, and all-round awesome loud woman,’ Loud Women
“…like Karen Carpenter fronting The Smashing Pumpkins,” Jo Bevan (Desperate Journalist)
“From the first instant that Jen Macro’s pure pop vocals roll out from between the sun-drenched, lazy guitar lines and off-kilter rhythm lines, ‘Summer’ builds up and kicks in with intent (and fuzzed out bass lines).It’s a song with everything.” Raw Meat
“Starting off with gentle, finger-picked lilting melodies and the luscious, delicate vocals of Jen Macro, ‘Summer’ soon builds with sun-drenched whirring hooks and immense beats to a fuzz-filled noisepop anthem, as Macro’s vocals reveal their true raw grit. A scuzzy dream of a track, it’s impossible not to get caught up in its sparkling, psychedelic haze, which will leave you longing for more of Hurtling’s epic sonic delights.” Get In Her Ears
‘Their crunchy alt-rock sound is entirely of their own making and leaves a packed Windmill baying for more,’ Joyzine
Hurtling‘s influences include The Breeders, Sebadoh and Sonic Youth, but make a sound that is all their own. After working with the likes of: My Bloody Valentine, Graham Coxon, The Monochrome Set, Chris T-T, Kath Bloom and Jon Fine (Bitch Magnet)
Live Shows:
Sat August 31 – Primadonna Festival, Laffitts Hall, Suffolk
Sat September 14 – Loud Women fest, Boston Music Room
Thu October 17 – The Islington. London, Future From Here album launch
Thu October 24 – The Half Moon, Bishop’s Stortford
Friday November 1 – JT Soar, Nottingham w/HelleboreHurtl

Various Artists – Repeat

Various Artists – Repeat (HUM32/GAS030)


Onomatopoeia Records and Gasman Music are delighted to announce the launch of Repeat. It’s a heartfelt tribute to and celebration of UK rave culture. It’s been lovingly curated by The Gasman and is a corelease with Gasman Music.

It’s called Repeat. That’s Repeat.

It’s a new compilation celebrating the British independent dance music scene of the early 90s, featuring a mix of old and new tracks from old and new artists.

It features 26 exclusive tracks from many pioneers who changed things forever and continue to move forward.

It packs a heavy line up with contributions from members of LFO, Humanoid, Future Sound Of London, μ-Ziq and Altern8 and other acts such as Konx-Om-Pax, Todd Osborn, Wisp. It also futures the first ever music to be released by Steve Davis (the snooker player turned experimental music DJ) under the name Thundermuscle.

The physical version is a double CD in a back-to-back box. This in itself is a homage to the design style of significant compilations such as Deep Heat. CD 1 is a nod to house/acid/techno and CD 2 has a tendency towards breakbeat/rave.

Repeat CDs

The full tracklisting is:

CD 1

  1. Humanoid – Far Point 03:13
  2. BERK – Asidinlo 05:37
  3. Type 303 – AcidBang                 04:58
  4. Brain Rays – I Wanna Dance With Somebody 03:54
  5. A-Eno-Acid – Jelly Jam (edit) 04:40
  6. Polysick – Pastoral Acid 05:16
  7. Todd Osborn – Murder (edit) 04:51
  8. Boxcutter – Leonids 03:13
  9. Sacred Science – Power House 06:09
  10. Gez Varley – Acid Thunder (LFO mix) 07:59
  11. Thundermuscle – Bippy2 (Gasman mix) 04:27
  12. Mark Archer – House In U 06:35
  13. μ-Ziq – Reaching (Future Feeling) 05:07

CD 2

  1. The Gammon – Baked Beans 04:23
  2. Kev Cotter – Black Synthesis 05:02
  3. Dobbo – Never saw you in Hollywoods 03:51
  4. Double B – FCNK 04:35
  5. American Express – You Can Dance 03:39
  6. Chevron – Sunrise 03:45
  7. The Courier – Sunny Side Up (Fry Light Mix) 03:48
  8. Vertical67 – Broke 06:13
  9. Wisp – Catacomb Sound 04:30
  10. The Gasman – Alarmed 04:19
  11. Konx-om-Pax – Funk On 05:14
  12. Emma Catnip – Stay (Steve Rave-Is Mix) 04:55
  13. Attraktta – Insect House 06:24

The Gasman – Controlled Hallucination on sale now

Front cover

The Gasman – Controlled Hallucination – on double marbled recycled vinyl LPs (HUM23), CD (HUM26) and streaming/download. ORDER now.

To order direct from us send a PayPal payment to using the pricing below. You can also buy from iTunes, Juno, and the usual discerning physical outlets.

  • Double marbled recycled vinyl LPs £22.50 inc. postage & packaging in the UK. £24.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £27.00 in rest of the world.
  • CD £12.00 including postage & packaging in the UK. £14.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £16.00 in rest of the world.
  • Both LP and CD £32.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £34.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £37.00 in rest of the world.

For other international shipping prices, and multiple orders, please reply to this email and we will get a quote for you.

Controlled Hallucination set

Track listing:


A1 New Chair

A2 Flash 6

A3 Rotorn

A4 Tic 3000

B1 Retention

B2 Cessation

B3 Wizards Sleeve

B4 Ufoluta

C1 SII 2

C2 Spark 7

C3 Torse

C4 Anti Notice


D2 Rhombus

D3 Controlled Hallucination

D4 Ataraxy

You can watch a video, and we do mean video, for Torse here. You can hear a special sample mix from the album here.

Some early reviews say:

‘The very notion of IDM is to devalue everything that came before it, and Controlled Hallucination is a throwback to this period of exponential growth in the post-rave landscape…Controlled Hallucination is very much of a time when the pills were still good’– God Is In The TV Zine

‘BEST ALBUM SINCE 013’ – Noel Heroux out of Mass Gothic

‘heard it today, it’s a maelstromic vortexial affair, almost overwhelming but in a good way. Was driving through Oxfordshire in glorious autumnal sunshine and almost got teary eyed’ – Étienne Rodes out of Spratley’s Japs

‘loving this record’ – Craig Fortnam out of North Sea Radio Orchestra



The Gasman has dedicated Controlled Hallucinations to Dr Tim Smith of Cardiacs in the run-out groove.


Crayola Lectern – Happy Endings and much much more

We have been very busy at Onomatopoeia Records and have several unique and beguiling releases coming in the next few months of which Crayola Lectern – Happy Endings is the first. It will be released on opaque vinyl LP with download code (HUM24), CD (HUM25), and download.  Release date 1st June, pre-orders open NOW to ship next week.

“I didn’t get where I am today by going in the right direction,” opined Crayola Lectern on the final track of his critically acclaimed debut, The Fall And Rise Of…, indeed going in the wrong direction and getting lost has allowed that extra space to take the dream that bit further into The Zone.

Happy Endings is an album of extraordinary music, borne of an extravagance of imagination, unfettered by convention or fashion, poised rather sexily in some other dimension beyond the usual parameters. With this in mind, we have decided to call it ”psychedelic.”

Death and love crop up a lot on this LP, with a sacred/profane, soulful/irreverent, silly yet deadly serious wisdom, which recognises the universality of its themes, allowing them to gently explode into your ears. Crayola is reaching out here. The contradictory nature of stuff can be seen in the album’s cover image of his grandmother on her wedding day.
With this in mind, Happy Endings could be viewed as an optimistic take on death.

It’s musick with a “K”

Simon Raymonde of Cocteau Twins, Lost Horizons and boss of Bella Union Records says this:

An absolutely superb new album from one of the UK’s most underrated mavericks. Imagine Robert Wyatt, High Llamas, Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne and Todd Rundgen all in one magnificent human. That’s Crayola Lectern. Superb arrangements throughout, (I am sure I even heard a kazoo amongst some trumpets!) and in common with all the above I suppose, a sense of adventure and playfulness is evident throughout. One of my favourites of the year so far.”

The players are:

Crayola Lectern: voices, piano, vibraphone, cz101, oboe, alto saxophone, acoustic and electric guitars.

Jon Poole: keyboards, subotron, harmonium, bells, timpani and spacecraft.

Alistair Strachan: cornet, flugelhorn, melodica, omnichord and percussion.

Bob Leith: drums.

Christian Hayes: electric guitar on Lingeron, Lux, (No More) Happy Endings and Finale.

Damo Waters: drums on Rescue Mission

Jake Rousham: needy robot bleeps on Rescue Mission.

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it.

Track listing:

01 Rescue Mission
02 Submarine
03 Lingeron
04 Barbara’s Persecution Complex
05 Giant Moon Up In The Sky
06 Lux
07 Don’t (Let Go)
08 Secrets
09 (No More) Happy Endings
10 Finale


To order direct from us send a PayPal payment to using the pricing below. You can, of course, also buy from iTunes, Juno, and the usual physical outlets from 1st of June, but it is better for the label and artiste if you buy direct from us.

  • LP £19.50 inc. postage & packaging in the UK. £21.00 inc. p & p in Europe. £22.50 including shipping to the US and rest of the world.
  • CD £12.00 including postage & packaging in the UK. £14.50 inc. p & p in Europe. £15.50 including shipping to the US and rest-of the world.
  • Both LP and CD £29.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £31.00 inc. p & p in Europe. £32.50 including shipping to the US and rest of the world

For multiple orders, please reply to this email and we will get a quote for you

Crayola Lectern – concert performances

Crayola Lectern are performing on the following occasions to mark the release of the album and display their chops.

1st June at The Rose Hill, Brighton. A hometown performance on the official album release day. Click to find out more.

8th June at Denton’s Lounge on Worthing Pier. Details not available on line yet. Oh we do like to be beside the seaside…..

17th September at The Komedia, Brighton with Lost Horizons and Penelope Isles. This part is a different colour and you know why.

Upcoming noise

The next few months will be our busiest yet. We are thrilled beyond delight to be able to announce the following releases. Many are very close to completion and our aim is for all to be released within a few months. You will be hearing much more from us about these bands and releases imminently.

The Gasman – Controlled Hallucination. Double coloured recycled vinyl LP (HUM23), CD (HUM26) and download. Out summer 2018.

Hurtling – Future From Here. Vinyl LP (HUM27), CD (HUM28) and download. Out autumn 2018.

My Bus – Our Life In The Desert. Vinyl LP (HUM29), CD (HUM30) and download. Out autumn 2018. My Bus is a new collaboration between Butterfly Child and Papa Sprain.

Stephen EvEns – Employee Of The Month. Vinyl LP, CD and download.

Barringtone – title tbc. Vinyl LP, CD and download.

Hurtling show for your calendar and attendance

31st May at The legendary 100 Club, London with Wussy. Clickety click.

Barringtone shows for your calendar and attendance

26th May at The Windmill, Brixton with Milk Disco and Show Boy.

8th June at London’s Shacklewell Arms. Bumf and gubbins.

Stephen EvEns shows for your calendar and attendance

28th July at The Albert, Brighton.




BIFF! Robin Hood Gardens pre-order, 11 shows, 10th birthday

A.J. Holmes – Robin Hood Gardens clear vinyl 10” (HUM19) – pre-order NOW

Front JPG

Back JPGInner 2 JPG

A.J. Holmes previous artistic peaks have been as a member of They Came From The Stars I Saw Them, The Vanishing Breed and A.J. Holmes & The Hackney Empire. We are delighted to announce that pre-orders are open NOW for shipping two weeks ahead of the official 21st July release date. All orders will be accompanied by a promo CD while stocks last.
To order direct from us send a PayPal payment to using the pricing below. You can, of course, also buy from iTunes (digital pre-orders are open here), Juno, and the usual physical outlets from 21st July, but it is better for the label and artiste if you buy direct from us.
• £11.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £14.50 inc. p & p in Europe.
• There will also be an ultra-special one-off pressing on concrete. One for the A side, one for the B side. These discs are under construction, literally, and will be works of art in and of themselves.
For other international shipping prices, and multiple orders, please reply to this email and we will get a quote for you.
You can stream and read more about this unique record, and the idiosyncratic recording methods involved HERE.
In brief, A.J. Holmes has made a record that captures an echo of a vanishing utopia.

Holmes has recorded a specifically composed collection of songs at Robin Hood Gardens, a residential housing estate in Poplar, London designed in the1960s by architects Alison and Peter Smithson, completed in 1972 and at the time of this recording, scheduled for demolition. The songs were recorded live in various spaces around the site and no post-production, processing or effects were used.

In this era of current housing crisis in London; the aim was to capture the sound of an environment that would soon no longer be there, capturing an echo – literally – of an era of post-war social democracy and public housing boom (seen then as a solution to the housing shortage).

This is Holmes’s homage to Robin Hood Gardens, the people that live / lived there and the architects Alison and Peter Smithson.


Barringtone – Dream Boys/Pet Gazelles 7” (HUM20)
The next Barringtone single is their second double A side. This time pairing Dream Boys with Pet Gazelles. We will let you know about pre-orders and more Barringtone shows very soon. After this their next move is to hunker down and finish their debut album.

The stars have aligned and many Onomatopoeia acts are performing in the next few weeks. In chronological order they are:

4th July: Stephen EvEns with Tex Pistols at Nell’s Jazz & Blues Bar, London.

8th July: A.J. Holmes with Jacob & Drinkwater and The Chorões at Daylight Music, Union Chapel, London.

8th July: William D Drake, Lewisham People’s Day, Mounstfield Park, Stainton Road.
9th July: Stephen EvEns with Spratley’s Japs and Hurtling at The Green Door Store, Brighton.
11th July: Barringtone with Mutes and Goldblooms at Shacklewell Arms, London.
15th July: Barringtone with Wax Stag and DJ Fran Green at The Big WoW, Sheffield.

15th July: William D. Drake with North Sea Radio Orchestra, Sacred Trinity Church, Salford, Manchester.

21st July: A.J. Holmes, Robin Hood Gardens launch show at The Festival Inn, Poplar, London.

26th August: William D. Drake with Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place, Shrubbies, Bob Drake, Lost Crowns, DJ’s Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi at The Alphabet Business Convention, Salisbury Arts Centre.

31st August: William D. Drake with Bob Drake at the Komedia, Brighton.

16th September: Onomatopoeia Records 10th Birthday Party at New Cross Inn, London.. An all-day (15:00-2:00) mini-festival. Artistes from across the catalogue will play or perform. Full details to follow.

We hope to see you at many, most and more of these events.

Stephen EvEns – Bonjour Poulet pre-orders OPEN

Onomatopoeia Records is proud to announce pre-orders for:

Stephen EvEns – Bonjour Poulet – on LP (HUM17), CD (HUM18), made to order open reel ¼ inch tape (HUM21) and download.



You may know Stephen EvEns as the drummer behind Graham Coxon. You may know Stephen EvEns as the occasional sticksman behind The Damned. You may know Stephen EvEns as the rhythmic backbone of William D Drake’s band, Charlotte Hatherley, and, for one brief week, Cardiacs. You may even know him as Stuffy accompanied by his Fuses.

Now get to know Stephen EvEns the songsmith, the maudlin geetar plucker and blistering noisemangler. Get to know of his embittered heart (latterly mended) and the disturbed warpings of his mind in a time of duress. Be thankful that this darkness has now lifted from him and for the musical artefact left to tell the tale. Bonjour Poulet is that artefact in the form of a 43 minute song book that mixes the spirit of Yo La Tengo and Ivor Cutler with broken friendships and human error.

In the words of Mr EvEns himself:
“The songs are beautiful and the words are horrible. I don’t know why you don’t think
that’s a good thing.”

We are delighted to announce that pre-orders for this magnificent opus are open NOW for immediate shipping.

To order direct from us send a PayPal payment to using the pricing below. You can, of course, also buy from iTunes, Juno, and the usual physical outlets from 17th February, but it is better for the label and artiste if you buy direct from us.

• LP £18.50 inc. postage & packaging in the UK. £20.00 inc. p & p in Europe.
• CD £12.00 including postage & packaging in the UK. £14.50 inc. p & p in Europe.
• Both LP and CD £28.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £30.00 inc. p & p in Europe.
• ¼ inch open reel tape (aka reel to reel tape) £60.00 including postage & packing in the UK. £61.50 inc. p & p in Europe. Note that these reel-to-reel tape versions are made to order and will be accompanied by photographs and personalised items from Mr EvEns. Therefore they might be ultra-ultra-rare. Or we might sell 3 million of them. We just don’t know.

For other international shipping prices, and multiple orders, please reply to this email and we will get a quote for you.

At time of writing there are eight shows remaining on Mr EvEns current tour. FOUR of these are with William D. Drake, TWO of which are with label-friends Arch Garrison, and ONE of which is with label-friends MUMMY. The 9th of March is a gala performance extra-special Onomatopoeia Records QUADRUPLE bill featuring William D. Drake, Stephen EvEns, Barringtone, Rolf’n’Sam AND a DJ set from The Gasman. All for only £3 or FREE if you wear a shirt and tie.


We hope to see you at one or more of these events.

Revere Reach is officially OUT NOW

Midnight 15th June 2015 – Revere Reach is officially OUT NOW

Revere Reach

We couldn’t be happier than to confirm that Revere Reach is out now.

You can buy CDs and vinyl LPs direct from us. For UK orders a CD is £12.00 including P&P; vinyl is £18.50 also including P&P and with the addition of a free CD promo while stocks last. Payments by paypal to

For international orders or multiple UK orders please email with your postal address. We will be back to you with an order total within 24 hours.

For downloads please go to the official William D Drake bandcamp page.

We thank you, as always, for your support and trust that you will enjoy, and in time treasure, this sumptuous album.