Stephen EvEns



Stephen EvEns (aka Stephen Gilchrist) has mis-spent the good years gifted him by

touring the world and elsewhere as an auxiliary cog in the machinery of major “indie-stardom”.  A sideman.  A player, if you will. A sticks-man, a foil perhaps but never a “session musician.” 

No such thing. Look it up.


Lucky enough to have stood for some years behind the likes of Graham Coxon, The

Damned, Charlotte Hatherley and, for one brief week, Cardiacs, he has decided to shun the tourbus life and take a walk through his own songbook for a change.


Putting down the drums sticks and arming himself with a battered guitar and a

casiotone he decided to channel all his bitterness & resentment into songs rather than bottling it up. Breeding some kind of abnormal growth or canker. An album that took far too long to surface has now been coaxed out by the sympathetic ears of Onomatopoeia records.


The result is the album Bonjour Poulet.  A 43 minute song book that mixes the spirit

of Yo La Tengo and Ivor Cutler with broken friendships and human error.

In the words of Mr EvEns himself:

“The songs are beautiful and the words are horrible. I don’t know why you don’t think that’s a good thing”.