Future From Here

Hurtling – Future From Here – on vinyl LP with download code (HUM28), CD (HUM29) and streaming/download.

Future From Here cover (cropped)

Onomatopoeia Records is thrilled, delighted and privileged to announce the release of Future From Here, the debut album by Hurtling.

To order direct from us send a PayPal payment to ononist@onophonic.com using the pricing below. You can also buy from iTunes, Juno, Norman Records, and the usual discerning physical outlets.

  • LP £20.00 inc. postage & packaging in the UK. £25.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £28.00 in rest of the world.
  • CD £12.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £15.00 inc. p & p in Europe, £17.00 in rest of the world.
  • Both LP and CD £32.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £35.50 inc. p & p in Europe, £38.00 in rest of the world.

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Track listing:

01 Start
02 Memory Cassette
03 Feel It
04 Summer
05 E Flat One
06 Let Go
07 Alone
08 Don’t Know Us
09 Blank It Out
10 Call To Arms (E Flat Two)

Jen Macro, Jon Clayton and Simon Kobayashi are Hurtling. They navigate soundscapes from the atmospheric to the psychedelic in this skilfully crafted noise pop album of dream-gaze and blazing textures. Future From Here was recorded, mixed and self-produced album at One Cat Studios, Brixton and mastered at Abbey Road Studios.


Future From Here was written by Jen Macro as an ‘exploration of loss and hope’ while in downtime on tour with My Bloody Valentine. The concept started sonically and grew from there, adding song structures and lyrics that fitted phonetically, creating a soundtrack to music she wanted to hear and the things she needs to say.

The album kicks-off at the ‘Start’, a beginning of sweet melodies and a love song from ‘me to you’, crunching straight into ‘Memory Cassette’, a sun-drenched medicine for melancholy. ‘Feel It’, bold and courageous dives deeper into darker spheres.

Summer’ paints beautiful melodious colours over the top of your sunscreen, lifting you out of your melancholy gently and purposefully.

The more luscious pop tones of ‘E Flat One’, or ‘Alone’, are tales of love and loss, contrasting with the heavy, crunching agitation of ‘Please Don’t Know Us’. The journey is characterised in ‘Call To Arms,’ Jen’s voice drops to a whisper, in a courageous desire to move stridently into the future.

Influences include The Breeders, Elliott Smith, and Sonic Youth to name a few, as well as reflecting the dreamy, hazy atmospheres of My Bloody Valentine, whose live band Macro has been a member for a number of years. Between them, Jen, Jon and Simon have also worked with the likes of Graham Coxon, Shonen Knife, Jim Bob (Carter USM), The Monochrome Set, Chris T-T, Kath Bloom and Jon Fine (Bitch Magnet). The band are already a formidable live prospect, performing alongside Hull legends Fonda 500, Damnably Record’s Wussy (USA) and Say Sue Me (S Korea) and Brixton scene stalwarts Bad Parents, Gaygirl and more.

Future From Here has already received what we can only deem to be superlative, and very much deserved, critical acclaim. While the album was being composed Jen Macro told us that the song structures had to be right and she, Simon and Jon spent weeks jamming and honing to get the right amount of space and breathe. The early reviews rightly highlight both the song writing and the guitar tone and SOUND:

The Quietus
Future From Here is an album that sounds familiar and fresh at the same time. As you’d expect from Macro’s time in MBV the songs have a woozy swoony vibe to them, but the real enjoyment of Future From Here is when the band get locked in the groove and the crushing, crunching guitars take over – ‘Summer’ being a prime example of this. There is something wonderfully destructive about them. It’s the same as the pleasure you get from watching videos of buildings being demolished on YouTube. It’s all over in a few seconds, but there is something graceful about the way they fall down”.

Louder Than War
Future From Here is sonically perfect. Technically faultless. The guitar sound(s) and playing are things of sheer beauty.

Simply, a great album. A stunning debut and a future classic”.

1883 Magazine
“Future from Here hits the right notes and asks the right questions. You’ll find Intelligence, power and beauty. Already making a name for themselves as a live act Hurtling has a bright future and are cocked and loaded to be one the UK’s hottest new bands”.

“The sounds across the whole album are gorgeous – rich, fuzzy guitar and bass, sometimes drenched in reverb, always warm, riffs and beats and vocals always landing just right with just the right amount of space between. And everything flows, like water through channels full of interesting edges and varied depths, burbling playfully, sometimes smooth and fast sometimes gurgling around a stone or a tree”.

“If you’ve been looking for riffs galore, atmospheric vocals and noisy, big and confident sounds, then I tell you to look no further than Future From Here. The band have worked with some big names in the alternative rock business prior to this album and they have moulded all the right sounds and vibes to introduce themselves to the world with a bang”.

Harmonic Distortion
“They make alt-rock music that draws from grunge, shoegaze and the deep wells of their own emotions. Like all great guitar bands they’re not afraid of cranking up the volume, shifting some air and letting guitars do what they do best – filling the room with attitude and spirit, and being a means of expressing sentiments and rage in a manner that the human voice often can’t”.