Where The Sands Turn To Gold

The Sunday Times has the Azusa Plane collection I compiled for RocketGirl in their leftfield list of the year. Fitting tribute for Jason DiEmilio. 



A perfect pair of prestige Onomatopoeia shows in December
William D Drake  – 13th December, The Schott Music Shop, London
A very cosy and festive performance will take place in a unique venue. Bill and the band will perform an acoustic set with hurdy-gurdy, clarinet, piano, vox, guitar and other sonorities in the mix. Further details can be found at www.schott-music.co.uk. The venue is small so be very quick to book tickets. Festive fair will be provided.

cassettes, Magic Brother, Chrissy Fuel & The Flames – Friday, 28th December, Screamlounge, Croydon
2013 Onomatopoeia recording artistes whose West Country 10” will be our first release next year – cassettes and Magic Brother team up for a double headlining show. They will be supported by Chrissy Fuel & The Flames. As an act of sensational seasonal generosity we are delighted to make this show FREE to attend for all. It will be a woozy, uplifting and above all celebratory occasion.
Hope to see many of you there… And some more generosity…
William D Drake – Lawrence free download
As announced live on air during the band’s triumphant session on BBC6 a free download of new tune Lawrence is available from Bill’s website here – www.williamddrake.bandcamp.com/track/lawrence. Simply join his mailing list to receive the track in the audio format of your choice. The players are: Nicola Baigent – baritone and tenor saxophones; Mark Cawthra – drums; William D. Drake – piano, vocals; James Larcombe – television organ, vocals; Richard Larcombe – guitars, vocals; Dug Parker – vocals; Gaz Williams – bass guitar.

Buzz! Hum! Clang! Skring! Biff! Splot!

Well done clever eyes. You have found the glowing electric home of Onomatopoeia Records. It’s a record label born out of love and enthusiasm and nothing to do with profit-making. The label was started to facilitate, support, enable and distribute. We give brilliant musical minds the space to work in total freedom. We are lucky to meet and work with wonderful and talented people and to make their creations available in the big world. Any and all label profits go towards funding future releases.

We will only ever put out music, and who knows what other creations, that inspire, move, terrify, astound, or elevate us. Tunes and words that hit you deeper than your ears and brain and make some other connection. Things that take you somewhere else.

None of us are paid and will only bring things to you that we believe in utterly. We will only promote that which we love. That is not to say that Onomatopoeia is a charity. We want our artists to sell loads, play bigger shows, and enjoy the fruits of their talents. We want to be successful to show that there are some of us out here for whom the product is more important than the cash.

If you do not know what onomatopoeia means then you should first check your dictionary and then listen to Onomatopoeia by Butterfly Child.

To get in touch email onoman@onophonic.com