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The Milk And Honey Band – Songs From Truleigh Hill

The Milk And Honey Band – Songs From Truleigh Hill  – on ultra-clear vinyl LP (HUM37), CD (HUM38) and streaming/download (but we all know that’s not the best way for various reasons, right?). The release date is 26th February 2021.

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  • LP £25.00 including. postage & packaging in the UK. £29.00 inc. p & p in Europe, £38.00 in US and £36.00 everywhere else around the world.
  • CD £14.50 including postage & packaging in the UK. £16.00 inc. p & p in Europe, £18.00 in US and £16.00 everywhere else in the around the world.
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Songs From Truleigh Hill is the latest album to star The Milk And Honey Band. Recorded entirely as a solo effort this time around by Robert White using a deliberately limited palate of piano, acoustic guitar and voice. The album is a meditative, contemplative marvel. It has a great warmth and zen-like acceptance at its centre and will comfort with repeated listening. There is no theme or concept. There is simply life and existence. A snapshot of love and life as it is really lived. The album concerns heart-break, deeply felt loss, survival, healing, acceptance, and redemption. It is not soul music but it is soulful and intimately personal. It is our privilege to bring it into the world.

The LP is on ultra-clear transparent vinyl which reflects the purity of the music on the record. Both the LP and CD come in gatefold sleeves with lyrics and booklets of stunning photos of Truleigh Hill and the surrounding South Downs area taken by Bob. The landscape, and wandering around it, are a major influence.

Track listing:

01 Stillwater
02 Clementine
03 Been That Way
04 Beautiful Sun
05 Breathe
06 Roses
07 Close To Nothing
08 Still Want You
09 Change

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Artwork by Cally Callomon @ Antar. LP pressing by Disc Manufacturing Services. CD, booklet and Ogun packaging manufacture by Akcent Media. Press by Jane Savidge.

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The Milk And Honey Band is Robert White. It has been ever since Bob released his first ‘solo’ album in 1994, written and recorded while he was still scorching brains and inspiring humans, this one included, in the phenomenal Levitation. Since Levitation split Bob has written and performed as The Milk And Honey Band, either solo or with an association of trusted friends. Before Songs From Truleigh Hill the latest album had been Dog-Eared Moonlight released on Andy Partridge of XTC’s Ape label.

The Milk And Honey Band exist so that the world doesn’t have to invent another band as contrarily/culturally dissimilar to any other band as contrarily/culturally dissimilar to them. The band’s name was originally thought up as an antidote to the frailty and vapidity of a 1990s scene that White felt alienated from as well as handy way to disguise the fact it was a solo project.  Correspondingly, the songs that The Milk And Honey Band conjure up, have more in keeping with the sublime, reflective nature of a novel like Cider With Rosie than they do with the self-congratulatory, back-slapping musical fare often associated with the indie scene. And, oh yes, the Milk and Honey Band are defiantly indie.

Previously from The Milk And Honey Band:


  • Round The Sun (Rough Trade Records, 1994)
  • Boy From The Moon (Uglyman Records, 2001)
  • The Secret Life Of The Milk And Honey Band (Ape Records, 2004)
  • Dog-Eared Moonlight (Ape Records, March 2009)
  • In Colour (Ape Records, download only, November 2010)


  • “Boy From The Moon” (Ape Records, 2004 – re-recorded version with Andy Partridge on backing vocals and guitar)
  • “Disappear” (Ape Records, February 2009 – download-only single with “Mind”, an additional track not off the new album)


  • *Crumbs!* Volume One (Ape Records, download only, 2006)
  • *Crumbs!* Volume Two (Ape Records, download only, 2006)