The Gasman – Aeriform  – transparent sky blue LP (HUM15), CD (HUM16) and download

Released 29th April 2016. Distributed globally by Cargo Records.



The Gasman – Aeriform. Since being signed by Planet Mu in 2003, The Gasman has been prolifically releasing music. His 17th studio album is Aeriform, an LP that’s more conceptual than his previous releases; the feeling, sound and artwork were decided before the majority of the music was written. Aeriform is more accessible than his previous output but without losing the melodic, explosively colourful production we’ve grown used to hearing.


With its analogue, off kilter Eurodisco sound, Aeriform could easily soundtrack a low budget 80s film. Probably on Betamax. This is a very playable but understated musical journey that makes no demands on the listener and one that you’ll want to make again and again.




01 Fade


02 Trip


03 Aeriform


04 Color


05 Zports


06 Syntax


07 Motivation


08 Fire


09 Inventions


10 Green


11 AT4

12 Hype