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Stephen EvEns – Smoking Is Cool…

New Stephen EvEns minialbum is now up for pre-orders as it’s Bandcamp Friday again.

A one sided clear lathe cut 12″. Very limited release of 40 copies available at shows or here only.…/v-limited-clear-lathe…

No digital for this one but you can request the files from us if you buy the 12″. Every copy has a unique mix of label, colour and info sticker, all numbered.

6 tracks, 5 new Stephen EvEns originals and a casio cover of Kittypants by Shellac. The 5 newies were all recorded by Steve Albini at his studio the band being:

Stephen Gilchrist vox, guitar, piano
Jen Macro guitar
Jimi Scândaľ bass

1. King Of Shit School
2. Icarus Dicarus
3. Tin Shack
4. Kittypants
5. I Only Want To Be Your Friend
6. Little Stars, Little Fire