Buzz! Hum! Clang! Skring! Biff! Splot!

Well done clever eyes. You have found the glowing electric home of Onomatopoeia Records. It’s a record label born out of love and enthusiasm and nothing to do with profit-making. The label was started to facilitate, support, enable and distribute. We give brilliant musical minds the space to work in total freedom. We are lucky to meet and work with wonderful and talented people and to make their creations available in the big world. Any and all label profits go towards funding future releases.

We will only ever put out music, and who knows what other creations, that inspire, move, terrify, astound, or elevate us. Tunes and words that hit you deeper than your ears and brain and make some other connection. Things that take you somewhere else.

None of us are paid and will only bring things to you that we believe in utterly. We will only promote that which we love. That is not to say that Onomatopoeia is a charity. We want our artists to sell loads, play bigger shows, and enjoy the fruits of their talents. We want to be successful to show that there are some of us out here for whom the product is more important than the cash.

If you do not know what onomatopoeia means then you should first check your dictionary and then listen to Onomatopoeia by Butterfly Child.

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One response to “Buzz! Hum! Clang! Skring! Biff! Splot!

  1. hello, nickcassettes here.
    what began as a drunken chat in a pub garden in croydon last winter (it probably would have been the dog & bull – or, as it is affectionally known, the bog & dull.), cassettes, and indeed our aural cousins, magic brother, (being good drinking and bad smoking types) and onomatopoeia top buzzer, nick bourne, huddled around the broken heater in the snow and cooked up the idea of recording and releasing a split single.

    through a twist of taste and fate both bands have found themselves playing a song written by both magic sam and myself at the tail-end of the last century when we were rehearsing under the name of ‘the crown electrics’. the ‘lectrics were a short-lived outfit lasting, i think, one weekend! the song in question being a ditty entitled ‘west country’. over the years both cassettes and magic brother have rendered this song with their own special qualities.

    well the idea would have stayed as just another drunken winter dream had it not been for the cut & thrust of mr. bourne. and now, almost a year later we find that we have recorded ‘west country’ and the split-single inches closer to a reality.

    mr. b. informs me that said vinyl will be of a whopping 10 inch variety, all artworked and lovely by both bands and will also feature a second tune by both cassettes & magic brother! i’ll keep you informed of further developments. cheers! xxx

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